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Your swimming pool is a great place to make memories with family or just relax in the sun. It’s also a feature that transforms your backyard from an ordinary patch of dirt into your own personal oasis. 

But what about safety? Maybe you aren’t looking to obstruct the view with a pool fence, but you are looking to keep your family and loved ones protected. Well, you’re in luck: the Lifeguard on Duty team are the pool safety cover specialists who can protect your loved ones AND preserve your landscaping. Here’s why a swimming pool cover is the perfect solution:

Benefits of a Pool Safety Cover

Pool covers can actually offer twofold protection: they help keep inexperienced swimmers from falling into the water, and they help prevent leaves and debris from damaging your pool.

The fact is that even if everyone in your household can swim, safety should always remain a top priority. The World Congress on Drowning reports that 66% of the people who drown each year already knew how to swim! A pool safety cover gives everyone in your home some extra protection, from the lifelong swimmers to the visiting grandkids.

A swimming pool cover can also be a great way to protect your pool from damage caused by leaves and other debris. Leaves can wreak havoc on your pool’s pH balance, encouraging algae growth and decomposing into tiny pieces that are nearly impossible to filter out! If you want to keep your pool water crystal clear, you have two options: you can spend half the year fighting with the falling leaves, or you can keep them out with a pool safety cover.

Our Pool Cover Options

Lifeguard on Duty currently offers two types of pool safety cover: the leaf cover and the winter cover.

Winter Covers

  • Heavy Duty & Durable Mesh Material
  • Resistant to UV Rays & Bacteria
  • Secured by Spring & Anchor Mechanisms

Our winter covers are designed with a durable woven mesh fabric that provides a secure barrier between your loved ones and the pool. The cover stays in place thanks to springs and straps that are connected to anchors around the deck (which our team will install and teach you to use). The mesh winter cover is heavy duty and strong enough to withstand anything you could throw at it — literally. They can support up to 485 pounds — though they’re not designed to be walked on.

Color Options



Leaf Covers

  • Lightweight & Easy to Use
  • Keeps Out Leaves & Debris
  • NOT a safety solution

If you’re looking for a cover that’s even simpler and more lightweight, a leaf cover can be a great choice. This fabric cover is designed specifically to make pool maintenance easier by keeping leaves and other debris from settling in the water. For effective pool safety, we recommend using your leaf cover in conjunction with another safety solution, like a pool net or safety fence.

Both our cover options are great for families that want a low-profile solution that will offer some level of protection around their pool. Whether you’re a grandparent who wants some extra protection when the little ones visit, a regular party hostess who wants to maintain your yard’s look, or simply someone who wants to make pool care a little easier, Lifeguard on Duty will find the right solution for you.  

Get the Best With Lifeguard on Duty

When you call Lifeguard on Duty, you’re not just talking to your average pool safety cover specialists. You’re talking to a team who is dedicated to pool safety, because we know just how important these fences, nets, and covers can be. We give the same care and dedication to every single job, because we know that our work can be the thing that saves your child, pet, or grandchild. 

Lifeguard on Duty always gives our customers:

Top-Quality Materials

We strive to give our customers the highest-quality pool safety solutions available today, that’s why we’re proud to say that all of our products are compliant with ASTM safety standards. With our pool safety covers, nets, and fences, you can be confident that your friends and family are always safe when the pool is closed.

Fast, Friendly Service

The Lifeguard on Duty team knows that pool safety is very important. Every day counts! That’s why our team responds to quotes, gets you on the schedule, and completes installation faster than our competitors. We don’t want you waiting another day to get the safety tools your family needs.

Decades of Experience

Our team has been in the pool safety business for over two decades. Over the years, we’ve come to understand pool safety inside and out — which is why you can be sure that we’ll always have the right materials, knowledge, and skills for the job. When you work with our installers, there’s no doubt that you’re working with the best!

Pool Safety Cover Installation Gallery

Browse our gallery of completed pool cover installations to see why this would be the perfect safety solution for your backyard:

Our Customer Testimonials

We want you to feel confident in choosing a pool safety specialist to perform an installation in your backyard. Read what our customers have to say about their experience with Lifeguard on Duty!

Celeste T.
Celeste T.
Loomis, CA
Read More
We are thrilled with our pool leaf cover! It has saved us so much time, no more "scooping" out leaves! Todd and Jeff were amazing! Both go above and beyond expectations! Great with communication, punctual, and efficient! Thanks guys!
Robin H.
Robin H.
Shingle Springs, CA
Read More
Todd was great at communicating. Jeff went above and beyond and we are very pleased with our whole experience!
Dennis A.
Dennis A.
El Dorado Hills, CA
Read More
VERY responsive, excellent service, offers creative solutions and a reasonable price. They were also very flexible and sensitive to my issues (timing around an inspection). I highly recommend these guys!
Cathy C.
Cathy C.
Davis, CA
Read More
Todd the owner is professional and an expert on pool covers. I have a custom safety net and pool cover. The challenge was working the pool cover around the waterfall. Todd did an excellent job placing hooks and attaching the cover avoiding gaps so leaves do not fall into the pool. I recommend Todd and his business Lifeguard on Duty.
Roberto O.
Roberto O.
Sacramento, CA
Read More
Spencer and the team were responsive and delivered as promised. Looking forward to enjoying our now child-safe pool!
Ahmed R.
Ahmed R.
Elk Grove, CA
Read More
Without a doubt, this business gets an A+ My experience simply echoes everything others here have highlighted. Punctual appointments, accurate info, fair quotes, clean installation, I can keep going

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