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Your Sacramento pool fence installer is ready to help you create a safe, enjoyable pool area that meets your swimming needs. Pool safety in Sacramento is a serious concern for owners, who often find themselves struggling to comply with insurance carrier guidelines, homeowners association bylaws, and state mandates. Our installers live and work in the communities they serve, giving them the first-hand experience you want when protecting your property. Lifeguard on Duty makes it easy and affordable to have a pool area that helps protect your friends, family, and pets from accidental drowning injuries.

Don’t Be A Statistic

The Centers for Disease Control report that an average of 10 people drown every day, and even more have drowning-related injuries that require medical intervention. While youth account for the majority of these victims, humans of any age can find themselves in danger, and these statistics don’t account for the loss of non-human family members who can’t find their way out of the water in time. A safe pool is one that is supervised or that has a Lifeguard on Duty protecting it.

Safer Pool Areas

You can’t watch your pool 24-hours a day, and that’s where your Sacramento pool fence installer comes in. We’re proud to offer ASTM-compliant pool safety barriers in Sacramento. Every pool is different, and our systems are custom designed to fit your pool’s area and the usage habits of our customers.

Removable mesh pool safety fencing gives you a state-compliant five-foot-tall fence without large gaps or easy footholds that enable climbing. The self-closing, self-latching gate keeps the area secure, and the securely anchored poles help keep your tension tight while preventing crawling under the installation. Easy to maintain, this fence can also be removed to allow space for larger parties when the pool will be open and supervised.

Also available from your Sacramento pool fence installer, these durable, tear and UV-resistant mesh covers are cut to fit and anchored around the edge of your pool, providing an additional layer of protection. Capable of withstanding the weight of a full-grown adult, they provide a barrier that prevents water entry and keeps out dust and debris for a cleaner pool.

Anchored to your pool’s deck and made of strong knotted twine and cord, these nets don’t protect your pool from dust and debris, but they will catch someone falling toward the pool’s surface. The wide gaps make it difficult for pets or children to crawl out over the surface of the water, keeping them within arm’s reach so they can be pulled back to safety.

Sacramento Pool Safety Experts

Jeff and Spencer have years of experience serving as Sacramento’s preferred pool fence installers. Always ready to help their neighbors find the right safety fit for their pool, they’re “right down the road” for installation, repairs, adjustments, and estimates. It’s time for you to find out how affordable peace of mind can be, and it doesn’t cost any money to get started.

Fill out our online contact form or give them a call during business hours, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM, at (916)-223-8841. They’ll be happy to set up a time to visit with you in person and take some measurements or talk to you about our satellite-based Google Earth estimates. Either way, your quote is at no obligation and free of charge. Contact your Sacramento pool fence installers and take the first step toward a safer pool today.

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