Frequently Asked Pool Safety Equipment Questions

Every pool is unique, and that answer depends on how you want to use your pool, any government or third-party requirements you may be under, and your pool’s design. We’ve talked before in our blog about how to focus on the major considerations when deciding how best to protect your friends, family, and loved ones, weigh those concerns, and talk to your local installer about your needs. We want you to have the right protection–not the most expensive.

Yes! Each pool cover or net is designed for the pool it is fit to. This means that we can help you create a safer pool area for more than just a standard rectangular pool, and we can design your protection around ladders, stairs, and other features to ensure maximum protection.

We have the tools, training, and experience to work with any surface when creating a custom pool safety equipment estimate. Depending on your pool area and its features, we may have to incorporate existing structures into your layout, however, your local installer can help find a way to keep your pool safer. 

All of our pool safety installations are ASTM compliant, and one of the benefits of working with a local installer is the experience working under state and local code they bring to the table. We want to make sure all of our neighbors have a safer pool area that meets their needs and protects their loved ones.

Safety nets and pool covers are designed to prevent accidental drownings, so they are engineered to hold the weight of a grown adult above the surface of the water. While stepping briefly onto the surface in bare feet to clear debris isn’t a cause for concern, it is not meant for regular use or as additional flat surface area when the pool is closed.

Yes! All of our installations are engineered to be easy to use because if they aren’t used properly, they can’t help prevent accidental drowning injuries. This includes upkeep. Our fences, covers, and nets are made with durable materials that resist damage from UV rays, mildew, and the chemicals used to keep your pool water safe. Cleaning can be accomplished with a garden hose and a little elbow grease, and periodic inspection can easily spot any repair needs before they become a serious issue. 

Our ASTM-compliant safety features are engineered for easy use, built to last, and installed to meet code requirements by local pool safety professionals. The removable nature means that you retain maximum flexibility for your pool use, but with more budget-friendly repair and replacement costs should the need arise so you can restore your protection faster. 

Many replacement and individual parts are available from All-Safe Pool’s Replacement Parts page. This can be a great resource should you need another pool cover removal tool or other accessories. For full installation and larger repairs, however, it may be better to talk to your local installer. They have the experience, tools, and, in many cases, the materials to get you fixed up faster. 

Todd Schaller started Lifeguard on Duty in Northern California in 2002, and as the business has expanded into towns throughout the region and into Northern Nevada, we’ve worked to hire hard-working, reliable installers in the communities we serve. You don’t get much more local than shopping at the same grocery store, and that’s important to us. You’re our friends and neighbors, not a customer account number. When you call us, we’re always “right down the road”.

We understand you’re busy, and safety is most important. We work to get estimates out as soon as possible so you can weigh your options and make an informed decision about your pool’s safety equipment. Once you’re ready, installations can take as little as 7-10 days, but your local installer can talk to you about a specific timeframe for your project.

Prices can vary based on the type of protection you choose and the size of the pool area. On the whole, removable pool safety fencing and pool safety nets are some of the most budget-friendly options around for protecting a pool. The price we can guarantee is that a no-obligation estimate from your local pool safety expert is free of charge. They’ll take measurements, look at your pool area, and offer you a written quote that shows you just how affordable peace of mind can be.

Free estimates based on satellite imagery are convenient and accurate. This method lets our local installer get an accurate picture of the pool area, take measurements, and get a quote emailed to you without interfering with your hectic schedule. We’re proud to be able to offer this service to our customers.

Let us know. We’re here to protect our communities by preventing accidental drowning injuries. Whether it’s “just” an adjustment or you’ve encountered a problem with your pool fence, cover, or net, we want to know so we can make it right and make it safe.

Still don’t have an answer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.  As pool safety experts, we’d be glad to help you in any way possible. 

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