The Importance of Pool Fence Height Requirements

black pool fence installed in home backyard

Pool fence height is an important consideration when you’re planning for your pool’s safety. Accidental drowning remains the number 1 cause of death for children 4-years-of-age and younger, making a swimming pool safety fence an important investment for any pool owner.  Aside from safety considerations for your kid, grandkids, or pets, fence height requirements can also be influenced by an overlapping patchwork of restrictions and mandates from insurance carriers, homeowners associations, regulatory agencies, and other organizations that may be in a position to dictate the protection that needs to be in place around your pool. Our ASTM compliant removable pool fencing comes in different heights and is designed to be a customizable safety solution that helps protect your friends, family, and pets, while still keeping your pool area beautiful to look at and functional to use.

Why Pool Fence Height Matters

Along with the security of its installation and the durability of the material used, pool fence height is one of the three most important factors when choosing a barrier to go around your pool. Fences are meant to provide a physical deterrent to unsupervised use of your swimming pool. They need to be sturdy enough that they can’t be easily broken through, tall enough they can’t be easily gone over, and have small enough gaps that slipping under or through them isn’t possible. Understanding how tall is “tall enough” based on your needs means taking an honest look at the behavior of those who the fence is meant to protect.

A fence that is too short can be easily climbed over by a human or jumped over by an athletic pet. Chairs can be pulled up to a fence to make climbing easier, making a short pool fence height even more dangerous. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a pool fence be at least 4-feet high. Do you have growing kids who love to climb? Do you need to meet the pet fence requirements for a teacup chihuahua or an energetic golden retriever? What does the area around your pool look like, and are there areas or accessories that would make a fence easier to climb or jump over? All these questions should be considered when planning a pool fence, but you also need to look outside your expected needs to potential requirements that may affect your pool fence height.

toddler standing in front of a mesh pool safety fence

Third-Party Fencing Requirements

In addition to your own needs, you’ll need to consider what restrictions might be placed on you by outside entities. These are often available through websites, in contract details, or by talking to the third party yourself for clarification. While many of these restrictions will follow guidelines recommended by water safety organizations, it’s still best to know and understand your responsibilities as early as possible in the planning stages so we can help you make sure you’re getting a fence that meets all your needs.

  • State and Local Swimming Pool Code – Governmental agencies at the state and local level set safety codes designed to keep the population safe from avoidable hazards. As an example, pool fencing in California is required to be 5-feet tall, while Nevada only requires a height of 4-feet at the state level, however, some communities may have a higher pool fence height requirement.
  • Insurance Carrier Requirements – In order to get a better rate or, sometimes, to get insurance coverage at all on your property, your carrier may have certain safety requirements. This can include stipulating a minimum pool fence height, door alarms, or swimming pool safety covers or nets.
  • Homeowners Association Bylaws – Referred to in some areas as Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs), these codes lay out the rights, responsibilities, and penalties you’re subject to as a member of the HOA. This can include requirements for pool safety and for the required maximum or minimum pool fence height.
  • Other Agencies – Organizations like foster and adoption services for both humans and pets may have pet fence requirements or minimum pool fence heights for the homes they trust their charges to. Businesses, clubs, or social circles you may host events for could also choose to weigh in on safety protocols if your pool area is involved. 

It’s My Pool, Isn’t It?

Absolutely, it is. And if your pool fence is simply an additional layer of protection for an already compliant swimming area, then that’s all that matters. Likewise, if your relationship with one of these third parties, such as an animal foster organization, is voluntary, you’re at liberty to contribute in other ways that don’t run afoul of pool fence height guidelines. While only you can determine all the third parties that may have a say in your pool fence height, we carry a range of fencing that is built to give our customers the flexibility they need to create a safer pool area.

Reliable Pool Safety Fence

Removable pool safety fence is an effective physical barrier between your swimming pool and a curious child, energetic pet, or another person who should not have unsupervised access to the water. Available with a pool fence heights of both 4-feet and 5-feet tall, the properly anchored poles and self-closing, self-latching gate help create a fence with limited gaps for top-notch security. The ultra-strong Malibu mesh has 100 holes per square inch, making it difficult to climb and allowing the height of the fence to serve as an effective deterrent to climbing. 

Easy to use and maintain, it can be cleaned periodically with light soap, a little elbow grease, and a garden hose. While secure once it’s installed, once it’s removed and rolled up it can be easily stored out of the way for a pool party or just to give you more space while you’re actively using the pool. Once you’re ready to close the pool, the poles seat easily into the sleeves in your deck or around the pool area, and it can easily join with existing pool fencing or building sides to create a customized fence that fits your area.

brown pool safety fence installed on a rectangular pool
brown pool safety fence installed on a rectangular pool

Creating A Safer Pool Area

Once you’ve established third-party pool fence height requirements, you’ll want to take a look at your pool area, plan for structures that could be used to bypass your pool fence or move accessories that may assist in climbing the fence. While not a pet fence requirement, it’s a good idea to make sure there aren’t any “blind spots” that your pet could get behind to work at the area under, around, or on the fence itself. If you aren’t sure whether a four-foot or five-foot fence is right for you, in general, taller fences are the safer option. At 5-feet most adults can still easily see over the fence, however, the additional foot can make it harder for a child to get a purchase to climb over or a pet to clear while jumping.

Getting Your Fence Started

You can find out how budget-friendly a removable swimming pool safety fence will be with no cost or obligation. Our installers live and work in the communities we serve, so you’ll be working with a local professional that is experienced with creating safer pool areas that comply with swimming pool fence height safety codes. They’ll take some measurements, go over your options, and email you a written estimate tailored to your pool area’s needs. Once you’re ready, we’ll take it from there, and we’re always happy to help with any needed adjustments or repairs over the years. 

Find out why our customers are so quick to recommend Lifeguard on Duty to their loved ones. We’re “right down the road” and ready to create a safer pool for you and yours. Contact us now to set up your free quote on a swimming pool safety fence.

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