Holiday Gift Guide For The Pool Owner In Your Life

swimming snorkel and fins beside a swimming pool

Your loved one may have closed their safe swimming pool at the end of the swimming season, but that means ‘tis the season for celebration, fun get-togethers, and pool gift ideas that show them how much mean to you. Whether they’ve invited you to use their swimming pool as a place to relax, exercise, or have fun throughout the summer, or it’s your pool and you want to treat yourself, a Christmas swimming pool gift is something that will see plenty of use once the pool reopens after winter. From pool safety to fun in the sun, we look at some items any pool owner would be proud to have and use.

Safety Should Always Come First

When considering pool gift ideas, remember to make sure you’re gifting safely. Only give gifts for the pool that have been designed and certified for pool use. That means they’re made to be water resistant, don’t offer electrocution hazards, and aren’t likely to cause entanglement issues that can help contribute to accidental injuries or drownings. For outside-the-swimming-pool Christmas gifts, make sure you’re giving an item that suits their pool space safely and won’t require long, dangerous extension cords, have glass that can shatter into dangerous shards, or otherwise features risks best kept far away from the swimming pool. 

The Top Gifts They Want Under Their Tree

(Even if they won’t fit under their tree!)

Every pool owner has unique pool needs, goals, and preferences, so there’s no one-size-fits-all list of the top gifts. We’ll cover some of the more popular ones we see and talk about why they made the list, but don’t be afraid to take our ideas and strike out on your own. You know your loved ones the best, and your pool gift ideas should reflect that personal relationship.

Swimming Pool Safety Net

Tan swimming pool safety net installed on a backyard pool with rock formations

One of the most meaningful gifts you can give someone you love is the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pool is protected. Swimming pool safety nets use strong, knotted twine, tensioned with steel springs, and secured to anchors around the pool to prevent unsupervised access to the water when a responsible adult isn’t around. Thousands of lives are lost annually to accidental drowning, and a lack of safety barriers has been cited as a contributing factor in the majority of them. Pool safety nets work with a variety of designs, landscaping installations, and existing structures to offer flexible protection you can be sure of. We can even base our measurements and quote from satellite imagery to keep your gift a true Christmas swimming pool surprise.

Eggxactly What Every Pool Party Needs

A Big Green Egg makes an excellent pool gift idea for your favorite party host. These popular grills offer even heating in a range of sizes that let you pick the one most suitable for their usual soirees. The medium-sized model linked above will cook about six burgers at a time, making it ideal for both smaller pool parties or lazy Sunday grilling just for the family. Remember that swimming takes a lot of energy, and a good grill-up is a great way to get swimmers out of the pool for a break while they refill and recharge their fuel tanks.

Bring the Bass

Sony portable speaker

Whether you want to turn up, turn down, or just float around, music sets the mood. Portable speakers have come a long way, and current wireless technology lets you have better sound in smaller packages that are controlled directly from your phone, tablet, or watch. The SONY XB31 is your poolside go-to for pounding sounds that keep the party rocking. One of the best pool gift ideas for any pool user, this portable speaker system offers Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing, a rechargeable battery, fun strobing lights, and big sound. Best of all, its water-resistant design was meant for pool areas and beaches, so it’s a safe way to enjoy tunes at your next party.

Less Work is Always Appreciated

Maintaining a pool area takes a lot of work. Whether it’s cleaning the pool, inspecting the swimming pool safety net and fencing, or treating the water, giving the gift of swimming pool services is a great way to take a load off the pool owner’s shoulders by making sure the pool is getting efficient, professional care from a local specialist. It’s also a great way to ensure you regularly have an experienced pool pro around to spot potential safety risks or maintenance issues before they become problems that can impact the health of swimmers or of the swimming pool itself. 

Floating Fun For All

Swimming pool with large extravagant floats

Christmas swimming pool gift ideas don’t all have to be practical. We’ve talked before about some of the best pool floats on the market. The holidays are a great time to pick up something fun and new for the pool owner or their kids. Floating lounge chairs are popular with adults who want to relax with a cozy read and float away the day. Kids love pool floats and toys they can be active with. From the tried and true donut that most of us remember growing up to large inflatable jets, slides, or water gun platforms that let the naval battles commence, there’s floating fun that’s perfect for just about every pool goer.

Raise The Alarm

If the pool owner in your life already has a removable mesh pool fence and a swimming pool safety net protecting their pool, you know they make safety a priority. Help them out with an alarm that alerts them when someone tries to get past their safety barriers. Gate alarms are inexpensive, but they can save lives by audibly alerting pool owners when the gate is opened or by sending a notification to their smart devices. Immersion alarms go a step further, monitoring the water for disturbances that indicate a child, pet, or other small animal has bypassed their safety barriers and entered the water. They’re one more layer of protection against accidental drownings.

Contact Your Local Pool Expert Today

Your local Lifeguard on Duty pro lives in your community, so they’re always “right down the street” when you need help. Whether you want to talk to them about available pool service packages, need a written estimate on pool fencing, or need maintenance and repair help on your swimming pool safety net, they’re only a phone call away. Schedule your free visit and ensure your pool is protected with Lifeguard on Duty today.

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