The Best Pool Floats to Take This Summer to the Next Level

Large pink flamingo pool float in a pool

When you combine the best pool floats with a safer swimming pool, you get a comfortable place to float your cares away as you beat the summer heat. Floats have evolved since the days of choosing between an oversized donut or an easy-to-tip mattress. Modern pool floats for kids and adults come in a wide range of shapes, with features that support your pool activities. Whether you just want a relaxing soak or a pool toy that upgrades your action, there’s a pool float for you.

Modern Materials Mean Better Swimming Accessories

 Advances in manufacturing and production processes along with evolving swimming pool accessory technology are pushing the envelope of what the best pool floats can do. Modern top-of-the-line floats are more durable than ever, and they also can do more than their predecessors. From designs tailored for specialized activities to the inclusion of electronics that enhance the user’s swimming pool experience, there’s a pool float to fit just about every lifestyle, so how do we decide which are the best?

When evaluating pool floats for adults and children both, safety is always our priority. The floats on our list are safe when used properly by swimmers with the appropriate skill level in the water. Just as you wouldn’t ask an inexperienced swimmer to step out onto your diving board over the deep end, make sure you choose the right float for your swimmer’s skill level. Younger swimmers will often have more fun with pool floats for kids, as the smaller dimensions and increased stability better suit younger, uncoordinated bodies. If your child has been swimming since they were a toddler, however, they may manage larger floats with ease. Use your experience and judgment to make the best pool float decision for your family.

Floats For Relaxing

Frontgate Mesh Pool Chair in pink and teal

  • Take A Seat – The Frontgate Floating Mesh Pool Chair is perfect for lazy days in the water. Made with mesh and polystyrene beads, this chair and ottoman give you a comfortable, buoyant seat. While it doesn’t collapse as small as a traditional inflatable chair, there’s no air chamber to leak, and the pouches on the front of the arms are perfect for keeping a beverage close at hand. This is a good float for adults, but small or fidgety children may have trouble navigating the large size comfortably.
  • Private Jet Getaway – We love the Funboy X Malibu Barbie Private Jet. It’s suitable for older children and petite adults while having the touch of whimsy that all the best pool floats offer. The large, broad design is perfect for lounging but also accommodates leisurely play. Whether your pilot is relaxing on the gentle waves of your pool or heroically steering their private jet to a successful water “landing,” there’s plenty of value to be found in this fun inflatable.
SwimWays baby spring float for swimming pool
  • Baby’s Day Out – For many kids, the first step toward becoming accomplished swimmers is developing a familiarity with the water early on. The SwimWays Ultra Baby Spring Float is a great first pool float for kids in the early years of their lives. Engineered as a stable platform for supervised fun, the wide design makes it stable under all but the roughest conditions, and the built-in sunshade protects your child from harmful UV rays. These are some of the best pool floats for actively introducing your young child to your watery hobbies.

Floats For Play

Two adults sliding down an Inflatable swimming pool slide
  • No Slide? No Problem – Inflatable slides are great for adding a pool amenity temporarily, but the WOW Watersports Slide N Smile takes their fun to the next level, in the process becoming a favorite pool float for kids and adults. Instead of installing it on the edge of the pool, it can also float freely, adding a mid-pool feature for accomplished swimmers. Tethering it in a shallower location opens up its use to waders, and you can even attach a floating pad or walkway to increase stability and make your inflatable pool accessory an island in and of itself.
  • Out Of This World Fun – The Swimline UFO Pool Float Squirter is one of the best pool floats for active kids who love to compete. While large enough to be a comfortable lounge chair pool float for kids, the attached water squirter makes it the perfect toy for in-pool dog fights. Since the action can get wild and rowdy when young combatants go head-to-head, it’s best for children who are proficient at swimming, and of course, it should only be used under adult supervision.
  • Responsible Adult Entertaining – Swimline makes a second appearance on our list with an inflatable Tiki Bar that may be one of the best adult pool floats for your summer pool party. Keep the refreshments flowing from a single location that lets you make sure safety and responsibility are being served right along with the fun libations. While it can also serve as a floating “playhouse” for children, its large size may be a bit unwieldy for inexperienced swimmers.

Keep Your Pool Safe And Fun

The best pool floats can increase the enjoyment of your pool, but remember to keep your pool area secure and protected when adult supervision isn’t available. Children may not understand why they can’t take their fun pool floats out on the water whenever they want, and unsupervised access contributes to accidental drowning injuries being the number one killer of kids aged 1-4 years. Swimming pool safety barriers help prevent access and keep your family safe.

  • Removable Mesh Pool Fences – These versatile installations can be taken down in minutes to accommodate parties, then reinstalled to keep your pool closed when it’s not in use. Climbing and rip-resistant mesh and strong poles prevent access around the perimeter of your pool area, while a self-closing and self-latching gate help control access until you’re ready to open the gate and let the fun begin.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers –  Strong mesh material anchored to your deck completely covers the pool surface, protecting it from debris and dust while keeping children, pets, and adults out of the water.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Nets – A versatile safety barrier, strong cord and twine are knotted into a material that can be anchored to your deck, accessory buildings, and other permanent fixtures. The wide-spaced mesh is hard for animals and kids to walk on, holding them safely out of the water until they can be pulled to safety.

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