How to Beat the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

5 kids wearing goggles are locked arms in a swimming pool

We’re experiencing some of the hottest monthly temperatures ever recorded, which means you need to find ways to beat the heat. This summer, your pool may be the hottest spot to cool down, so you need to focus on summer pool safety for your friends, family, and loved ones. Swimming pools have always been a place where we can find exercise, entertain guests, have some fun, or just relax. As the local pool safety experts, we’re ready to help you find some relief from this blistering heatwave while keeping your pool from becoming the sight of a tragedy.

Pool Safety Always Comes First

When you own a pool, you have a duty to make swimming pool safety a priority, so you need the right safety equipment in place to help prevent unsupervised access to the pool area. Thousands of lives are lost to accidental drownings, the number one killer of children under four years of age, annually. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance states that a lack of effective safety barriers is a contributing factor in the majority of those deaths. Swimming pool safety barriers save lives, period.

  • Removable Mesh Pool Fence – Removable mesh pool fencing is the perfect modern fencing option when you want all options on the table to beat the heat without compromising on safety. The poles are strong and anchor securely in deck sleeves sunk into the perimeter of your pool area. Stretched between them, rip-resistant mesh offers no easy handholds, footholds, or gaps for climbing. The entire fence is secured with a self-closing, self-latching gate to keep out unsupervised kids and pets. Best of all, if you need more room, the entire fence can be removed in minutes, then reinstalled just as fast when it’s time to close the pool again.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers – These strong mesh covers are anchored around the pool and are capable of holding the weight of a full-grown adult. While they’re excellent at keeping out leaves and trash, they also prevent accidental immersion by blocking access to the water’s surface.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Nets -Strong cord and twine are knotted and anchored around the pool deck to prevent accidental drownings. The central tensioning system uses strong springs to provide a taut barrier that works perfectly even on unusually-shaped pools or pools with permanent installations, like ladders.

Don’t Feel the Burn

Three different bottles of sunscreen sitting next to a swimming pool

While your pool may help you beat the summer heat, you could soon be feeling a burn of a different kind. Too much exposure to UV rays from the sun, even if you’re cooled off by the water of the pool, can lead to sunburns, premature aging, and an increased risk of skin cancer. Wear a sunscreen that is water resistant and know how often the manufacturer says it should be reapplied. The Centers for Disease Control recommends reapplying sunscreen at least every two hours as sweating or swimming can cause it to lose its effectiveness as it washes away or becomes diluted.

Top Summer Pool Activity Tips

Let’s talk about ways to beat the heat and get more fun from your swimming pool in the process. Evaporation keeps your pool’s water cooler than its surroundings, meaning a quick dip is all you need to get out of the arid summer dryness and enjoy some chill, wet fun.

  • Change Up Your Exercise Routine – As temperatures rise, morning jogs get earlier, cycling routes get shorter, and the gym starts to smell…we’ll just leave it at that. The good news is your swimming pool offers a great full-body workout that can help you beat the heat. Endurance athletes love their laps, while resistance equipment can help you chase those gains without the iron you’re used to pumping. Even those who are used to gentle exercise, like older adults who enjoy a brisk walk, can work their bodies in a low-impact, more temperature-friendly environment.
  • Host at Your Pool – When the park barbeques and backyard pick-up games start seeing you get cooked more than the food on the grill, take it back to your pool. Plan a summer pool party or just make it an impromptu get-together. You can make it a potluck, serve snacks, fire up the grill, or find whatever suits you best. You can even put in a hoop over the pool for everyone to enjoy.
  • Add Some Shade – Owning a pool is cool, but adding some shade can help you beat the heat even more. Covered awnings, outdoor pergolas, and even temporary structures commonly used for camping can give you a little extra shade to get out of the sun, keep coolers filled with ice longer, and or let non-swimmers congregate near the pool to share in the companionship.
  • Splish-Splash – Sometimes, the simplest way is the best. Jump in, splash around, and cool off. There doesn’t have to be any more of a plan than that to use your pool to help you beat the heat. 

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