Swimming Pool Remodeling and Maintenance Tips

Empty swimming pool in a residential backyard

When you’re ready for a swimming pool remodel, don’t forget to contact your pool safety experts about upgrading its safety barriers. From tips for better pool maintenance to preventing accidental drownings, we have the information you need to help keep your pool looking good while keeping your friends, family, and pets safer. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular pool safety upgrades, how they can work with your swimming lifestyle, and how they can even keep your pool protected through the renovation process.

Safety Can’t Take a Break

Brown mesh swimming pool fence installed around a residential pool

When you own a pool–whether it’s ready for you to jump right in, is undergoing a swimming pool remodel, or just needs a little maintenance and TLC–safety has to come first. Thousands of lives are lost annually to accidental drownings, while tens of thousands of victims seek help for non-fatal injuries from doctors, clinics, and emergency rooms. Even “empty” pools can present risks as those falling in can be injured, become trapped, or even end up in a small amount of water collected on the deep end after a rainstorm and drown. That’s why safety barriers are so important, whatever the current condition of your swimming pool area.

Swimming Pool Safety Barriers

To help keep pools safer, there are several safety barrier options designed to prevent unsupervised access to the swimming pool or pool area, as well as to help keep vulnerable loved ones safer from accidental immersion.

  • Removable Mesh Pool Fencing – This pool fencing gives you reliable protection and the ability to completely remove your fence to create more space for entertaining or to get work done on your swimming pool remodel. Made with a strong mesh fabric stretched between lightweight poles and secured by a self-closing and latching gate, this fencing is a modern alternative for those who want more flexibility in their pool’s protection.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Nets – Safety nets use knotted twine anchored around the edge of your pool to hold potential drowning victims up and out of the water near the edge of the pool where they can be pulled to safety. Thanks to its central tensioning system, this safety barrier works well even on non-traditional pool shapes or that feature permanent fixtures, like ladders.
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers – If you want an elegant and secure safety barrier for your pool, safety covers give you sleek protection thanks to the rip-resistant mesh anchored around the pool deck that’s strong enough to hold the weight of a full-grown adult.

Swimming Pool Remodel & Maintenance Tips

Residential swimming pool steps getting new tiles installed

A swimming pool remodel and your maintenance program can easily go hand in hand. Some of the most popular renovation action items revolve around making your pool life easier–from use to maintenance–and your regular maintenance gives you the time to consider what needs to be upgraded in your pool area. While some pool owners opt for a major overhaul, others might simply find smaller projects or investments they can make that help their swimming pool better meet their needs.

  • Supervise or Secure – Make sure that your safety barriers are installed and ready to keep your pool protected or a competent adult is by the pool at all times. It takes seconds for a child, pet, or vulnerable adult to enter the pool and find themselves in distress. If you’re stepping away, even for a moment, ensure that your swimming pool is secure.
  • Make Sure Your Pool Area Fits Your Lifestyle – Take a look at your pool area, including structures, installations, features, and amenities, to make sure it fits your goals. Adding a pergola for shade and an outdoor kitchen, slides for kids’ parties, or just lounge chairs for relaxing by the pool can completely change the feel of your backyard oasis and better support your goals, whether they’re to have some fun, fins some peace, or catch some rays.
  • Invest in Safety Equipment – Beyond the safety barriers–which are often required by regulation, homeowners associations, or insurance carriers–your pool needs safety equipment ready in case of an emergency in or out of the water. Flotation devices, a long pole or rescue hook, and a well-stocked first aid kit should be readily accessible and clearly marked so guests can act if you’re the one who needs aid.
  • Keep Cleaning and Upkeep as Easy as Possible – One of the best pool maintenance tips we have is to make your regular cleaning and upkeep as easy as possible, and you’ll get better compliance and more enjoyment from your swimming pool. During your swimming pool remodel, look for automated systems that can take some of the workload off your shoulders. From smart pool filters to automatic chemical treatments, there are plenty of ways to make your lifestyle easier to maintain.
  • Action! – Make sure you have the accessories you need to get the most value from your pool. While you can buy aquatic workout equipment, pool toys, and more at any time, your swimming pool remodel gives you a chance to add them and their storage to your pool area plan. This not only ensures you have the pool equipment you and your loved ones enjoy the most but also that it is kept stored and ready for use in a safe manner that doesn’t detract from your pool’s appearance.
  • Look for Upgrade Opportunities with Safety Barriers – Whether you need to replace a swimming pool fence made from traditional materials or just want to add a second layer of protection in addition to your pool safety net, your swimming pool remodel is a great opportunity to take your protection to the next level. A removable mesh pool fence protecting your pool’s perimeter backed up by a safety net blocking access to the surface of the water gives you a more comprehensive safety installation to prevent accidental drowning. Don’t forget that your removable mesh pool fence’s gate is alarm-ready, and other pool safety technology, like additional alarms, are available to monitor the surface of the water for disturbances, under the surface for signs of entry, or that look for changes in the water temperature.

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