The Top 5 Benefits of Removable Pool Fencing

Mesh removable pool fence installed in backyard around an irregular swimming pool

So, you’re in the market for a pool safety solution. Maybe you’ve just brought home a new bundle of joy or adopted a new pet (congratulations either way). Maybe your grandchildren have reached the age where every nook of your home MUST be explored. Maybe your beloved family dog is a little too determined to catch his favorite toys — even if they fall into the pool.

Whatever the reason, you need something that will keep your pool off limits when you aren’t there to supervise. There are plenty of pool safety options on the market today — covers, nets, fences — so where to begin? 

At Lifeguard on Duty, we offer removable pool fencing that will prevent children, pets, or anyone else from gaining access to your pool. Our fences are some of the best safety measures you’ll find on the market today, and it will definitely give you security and peace of mind. 

Here are five benefits you’ll get from our removable pool fencing:

It Easily Accommodates Your Space

 black mesh removable pool fencing installed in a sloped backyard with an irregular swimming pool area

Most families put a lot of time and effort (and money) into creating a beautiful backyard with the pool at the center. You’ve got poolside seating arrangements, landscaping and gardening, maybe a water fixture or two. The LAST thing you’d want is a great big fence that ruins the flow of your space…right?

Don’t worry: our removable pool fencing can easily accommodate pools and yards of any shape. Our large mesh panels can be configured in any way to suit irregular pool shapes. Angled panels help us extend the fence around raised ground. We even offer sturdy terimating posts, just in case your fence can’t attach to the wall. Our pool fencing is designed to bring you the greatest level of protection — no matter what kind of space you’re working with.

It’s Simple to Use

One of the most attractive features of a removable pool fence is right there in the name: “removable.” Families love the idea of having a fence that guarantees the pool is off limits, but can easily be removed when it’s time to enjoy the pool with friends. 

Trust us, we get it. There’s nothing better than having your friends and family over for a pool party on a summer afternoon. And when you have a removable pool fence, taking down the fence to give everyone room to play is a breeze! 

Our pool fences are secured by several anchors installed on the deck. When you want to remove it, you can simply remove the panels from their anchors, then roll them up tightly and put them away. Just like that, you’ve got plenty of space for entertaining — no special tools required! And when the party’s over, you can replace your removable pool fencing just as quickly. 

It Looks Great

beautiful backyard pool lined with yellow umbrellas and protected by removable mesh pool fencing

Sure, a removable pool fence is easy to remove for special occasions, but MOST of the time you’ll want the fence firmly intact. Therefore, it’s important that your fence is as beautiful as it is safe. Luckily, our mesh fencing fully delivers here, giving you a sleek, attractive look that will only add to your yard’s beauty.

Our pool fences are made with Malibu Mesh, an ultra-tight weave that’s still highly transparent. We offer both black and brown options, so you can choose a fence that suits your yard’s existing color palette. These high-quality mesh panels won’t block your view of the pool, so it can still be the focal point of your yard. And as an added bonus, you have a full view of the water if anyone decides to take a dip while the fence is still up! 

It’s a Low-Maintenance Investment in Your Pool

It’s no secret that pool ownership is a lot of work. Between balancing the pool’s pH levels, keeping the water sanitized and clear, and picking up all those pool noodles your kids left lying around, the last thing you want to do is add MORE pool care to your to-do list. 

Luckily, our removable pool fencing is super low-maintenance and easy to care for. The poles and mesh paneling are highly durable and will stand up to anything your family can throw at it. And if a fence panel DOES get dingy, some mild soap, water, and a bristle brush is all you need to get it sparkling like new once again.

It Keeps Your Family Safe

Finally, let’s discuss the greatest benefit you’ll get from a removable pool fence: safety, security, and peace of mind. Our pool fencing is designed with your safety in mind, which is why they consistently meet ASTM safety standards year after year.

Our tight-weave Malibu Mesh is nearly impossible to tear or to climb. This means that you don’t have to worry about the kids scaling the fence when they want to swim, nor do you need to worry about your puppy chewing his way through. Your loved ones won’t be able to access that pool without you knowing about it!

Close up of a removable mesh pool fence entry panel

At Lifeguard on Duty, we offer two latching options for our removable pool fencing: a safety hook latch with spring, or a self-latching option that offers even greater security. No matter which option you choose, you can be confident that your fence will be fully secure, keeping your loved ones away from the water when it isn’t time to swim. 

With a removable pool fence, you get the best of both worlds: security and protection you can trust AND the ability to enjoy your pool unimpeded. If you ask us, this fencing is one of the best pool security options you’ll find today — which is why it’s been our go-to choice for over two decades.

Learn More About Removable Pool Fences

Want to learn more about removable pool fencing? Are you wondering if our fencing options will work for your pool, or what it may cost to install a new fence? The Lifeguard on Duty team is happy to help! 

You can get a free cost estimate by visiting our cost calculator, check out our previous work in the gallery, or contact us with any questions you may have. Your new fence — and some new peace of mind — is just a call or click away!

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