Which Pool Safety Equipment is Right For Me?

black mesh removable pool fencing installed around a backyard pool

If there’s one thing we all want our swimming pools to be, it’s safe. A pool can be a lot of fun — a place to unwind, for kids to burn off energy, and to make cherished family memories — but it can also be very risky. This is especially true if you have young children, animals, or inexperienced swimmers in your life. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many families with swimming pools also invest in quality pool safety equipment. 

What should you look for in your pool safety equipment? We believe that the most important things are:

  • Security — First and foremost, your pool safety tools need to secure your pool and prevent people (or animals) from getting into the water without supervision. 
  • Durability — Your family will grow and change over time, but pool safety will always be a priority. Your pool safety equipment needs to outlast years of use.
  • Visibility — The best pool safety equipment still gives you a full view of the pool. Not only does this make your backyard look great, but it helps you see what’s going on if someone happens to bypass your security measures.  

At Lifeguard on Duty, we are passionate about pool safety. We know that proper safety equipment can be the difference between a family enjoying their pool for years or suffering from an unspeakable tragedy. However, we also know that pool safety equipment needs to work with a family’s specific needs if it’s going to be effective. How do you know which pool safety equipment will be right for you? 

Let’s take a look at some popular pool safety solutions, so you can see which one is best for you.

Pool Fences

beautiful backyard with a swimming pool protected by a removable mesh pool fence

If you want to keep your friends and family out of the pool, there’s no better option than using a pool fence. Fencing completely isolates your pool from the rest of your yard, eliminating the risk that your children, pets, or other loved ones could fall into the water by mistake.

At Lifeguard on Duty, we offer removable mesh pool fencing — a highly durable option that’s both hard to climb and almost impossible to tear. It also offers a high degree of visibility, so you can easily see into the pool when your little ones are enjoying the water.

If you ask us, this type of pool safety equipment is one of the best options a family can use today. Fencing offers the greatest protection, which means your little ones are least likely to suffer an accident. It’s even a great option for homes with pets, as it keeps your four-legged friends from taking a surprise swim. Just about everyone can benefit from a mesh pool fence! 

Pool Covers

mesh pool cover installed on an irregular backyard pool

Some families may not want to fully block off their pool with a fence. Perhaps their yard doesn’t have room for a fence, or maybe they aren’t too worried about people falling into the pool. No problem; we have pool safety equipment that’s right for them, too!

A pool cover can help you fully secure your pool without blocking it off with a fence. We offer sturdy mesh covers that attach to your pool via anchors installed in the deck. They’re durable, easy to use, and effective at keeping everything out of the pool (and we do mean everything — people, animals, and falling leaves!).

Pool covers are best for households without any small kids, as well as people who want to close their pool for longer periods (like the winter season). This pool safety option allows you to keep your pool in view, yet still offers plenty of protection against accidents.

Pool Nets

beige pool safety net installed on an irregular shaped backyard pool

Similar to a pool cover, a pool net stretches over your pool and attaches to anchors around the deck. This pool safety equipment offers a tight, durable barrier that won’t allow anyone to be submerged in the water if they fall onto the net.

Lifeguard on Duty offers pool nets made from strong polyethylene twine. Our nets feature tight netting with 3 ½-inch squares (which are too small for a child to crawl under or fall through). These nets are easy to remove when it’s time to swim, and you can replace them just as quickly when the pool party is over.

Pool nets are a great choice for families who want pool safety at a budget-friendly cost. Pool nets tend to be a lower cost than some of the other pool safety equipment here, which makes it a great choice for families who want security without breaking the bank. It’s also a great option for families who want additional security, as we can install pool nets in conjunction with pool fences or covers!

Find Your Perfect Pool Safety Equipment Today

As you can see, there are many pool safety equipment options available today. Ultimately, the right equipment for you depends on your family’s unique needs.

Do you have little ones who aren’t strong swimmers yet? A pool fence will give you the greatest security (and Lifeguard on Duty’s fences can be removed as the kids get older). 

Do you only use the pool when the grandkids visit once in a while? A pool cover can protect your household from accidents and keep your pool free of debris!

Want to protect your loved ones, but the budget is a little tight? Pool netting is a low-cost option that will offer superior safety. 

And no matter which pool safety equipment you want for your home, Lifeguard on Duty can help you install it quickly and correctly!

Contact our team today to get your free quote, or check out our cost calculator for an immediate estimate. Our local installers are ready to make your pool a safer place for you and your loved ones. 

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