3 Reasons You Might Need A Pool Safety Net

pool with safety net installed

A pool safety net is a smart addition to your swimming pool accessories. Swimming is a fun, exciting pastime for the entire family and a great way to entertain guests. Unfortunately, an unsupervised pool can be dangerous. Whether you choose to cover your pool net for leaves or leave it uncovered between swimming sessions, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing there is a Lifeguard on Duty protecting your friends, family, and pets from accidental drowning injuries.

Making Safety A Priority

Owning a pool carries with it the responsibility of ensuring you’re providing a safe swimming area for whoever enters it. That’s why you spend so much time balancing chemicals, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and taking classes in water safety. You can’t always be by the poolside. That’s where safety barrier systems that are designed for pools come in. Pool safety covers, pool fences, and pool safety nets work to provide a physical barrier between a potential drowning victim and the water’s surface.

How A Pool Safety Net Works

While most people are familiar with pool nets for leaves, which are made of a woven material that use gaps small enough to catch most leaves or larger debris before it can enter the pool, a pool safety net is designed to be strong enough to catch a person. Whether it’s a child who doesn’t understand that they aren’t supposed to be swimming alone, a family pet who is too curious for their own good, or a guest who has slipped while too close to the pool’s edge, the strong material of the net, anchored properly to the surrounding deck, and properly tensioned, helps keep them out of danger until help arrives. 

beige pool safety net installed on a pool with a slide

Why Customers Choose A Pool Safety Net

Every pool area is different and even similar pools can be used for different activities. A pool owner who often hosts swim parties for their young grandchildren may have different considerations than a single pool owner who only does their daily laps before heading into the office. Pool safety is not a one-size-fits-all situation, which is why we offer so many customizable options. There are, however, three primary reasons swimming pool safety nets are so popular with our customers.

Durable And Secure

We live and work in the communities we serve, so when you trust us with your loved ones, we’re honored to protect our neighbors with industry-leading safety installations. The durable cords and twine used to create our ASTM compliant safety nets resist damage from the elements, ultraviolet light, and the chemicals used to keep your pool water safe to swim in. Anchors are secured directly to your decking, creating stable mounting points and a lower risk of tripping. Meanwhile, the pulley and springs used to tension and secure your net are engineered for a long life of trouble-free operation. 

 While the small gaps–about 3 ½ ”–between the knotted twine of the net are larger than on pool nets for leaves, this size means that a child or pet attempting to crawl onto the water’s surface will have trouble making it more than a few inches from the deck, where the net is best supported, strongest, and it is easiest to reach them safely. A properly tensioned net can not be removed without the proper equipment, reducing the risk that anyone can access the pool for swimming without your supervision.

An Economical Safety Solution

The best pool safety accessory for your pool is one you can afford. Pool safety nets are one of the most budget-friendly ways to secure your pool when it’s not in use. For many owners, this makes it the perfect first step to pool protection or an affordable addition to an existing pool safety fence for added security. Pool safety nets also offer a fast turnaround time, which means less time spent waiting for your pool to be properly secured. With prices that can start as low as $3 per square foot, many pool owners are finding that custom-designed peace of mind is far more affordable than they thought possible–all in less than 2 weeks.

Pool nets may also save you money in the form of lower insurance premiums. Many jurisdictions, HOAs, and insurance carriers require a minimum standard of protection for any property with a pool. Professionally installed safety systems can not only satisfy these requirements but may influence premiums for your coverage. Be sure to talk to your insurance agent to make sure you’re getting the best possible rate when protecting your investment.

Lightweight and Easy To Use

If a safety system isn’t being used because it’s too unwieldy or complicated, then it’s not protecting anyone. Pool safety nets weigh less than removable pool fencing or mesh pool covers and securing or opening up your pool can be accomplished in 15 minutes or less. Secure the net to the anchors and tension it using a special tool for the central tensioning system on larger nets or a round loop tool for smaller nets. The same tool helps you release the tension, remove the net, and fold it safely away for storage while the pool is being used. 

The lightweight also makes pool safety nets one of the most versatile safety accessories on the market. When working with features in your pool areas like walls, rocks, or installed accessories, nets can still be easily positioned and properly tensioned for protection. Care still needs to be taken to assure a secure fit with no bunching due to snags, this removes the need to ensure a completely flat and horizontal mounting surface when features are accounted for in your net’s design.

backyard pool and spa with beige pool net installed
backyard pool and spa with beige pool net installed

Is A Pool Net Right For You?

The best way to find out more about the safety options available for your pool is to contact Lifeguard on Duty for a free estimate. Our local pros will take a look at your pool area and help you understand the options available. We carry a full line of pool safety nets, covers, and fences, so we can help any pool owner find the safety solution that works best for their needs. We also carry covers for leaves that work with pool nets to prevent small debris from entering the water without sacrificing safety.
Since our installers are “right around the corner” for their communities, it’s easy to request a quote, talk to a local representative, and you know there’s someone close by to help if repairs are ever needed or an adjustment needs to be made. With decades of experience helping pool owners comply with state pool codes while creating a fun, safe environment in their backyards, we’ve earned our reputation for reliable safety. Make sure your family is protected by a Lifeguard on Duty when you aren’t around. E-mail us to schedule your free estimate today.

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