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Pool ownership is great… but it’s also a lot of work. Dealing with the care and upkeep of a pool is not an easy task — especially if you’re new to the world of swimming pools. For every awesome pool party or summer swim session with the kids, there’s days of scooping up leaves, messing with chemicals, and worrying about your little ones’ safety.

Did you ever wish there was one, easy to use place where you could learn everything you need to know about pool care and safety?

Congratulations, you’re here! Welcome to the Lifeguard on Duty blog.

This blog is our place to share everything we’ve learned over two decades in the pool safety industry. It’s your one-stop shop to learn about all kinds of important topics, from basic pool safety information to tips for keeping your pool clean. 

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Pool Safety Solutions

There are many pool safety options out there, from mesh fencing to highly durable netting. They all can be very effective… but which one is right for you? With our expertise, we can help you learn more about the safety measures we provide, so you can make an informed decision based on your family’s unique needs.

Pool Safety Information

The best pool safety tools in the world won’t be effective if you don’t know how to use them! We’ve provided several resources on pool safety for new pool owners (or seasoned vets who need a refresher course). We can help you learn how to use your safety tools effectively, as well as the basics for keeping children, pets, and other inexperienced swimmers safe in the water.

Preparing for Your Installation

Are you getting a new pool fence, cover, or net installed? That’s great! But is your pool ready for the big day? Our blog tells you everything you need to know to be fully prepared for your installation, so we can tackle the job quickly and you can start enjoying your new, safer pool right away. 

Care and Maintenance Tips

Pool safety goes beyond keeping the little ones from falling in. It also means having clean, balanced, and safe water every time you take a dip! We can help you master the art of pool care and maintenance with helpful blogs on everything from winterizing to fixing the filters.

Get Started

Ready to become a pool safety expert? Check out our blog today — we know you’ll find the answer to all your pool care questions.

Installed residential swimming pool cover

5 Reasons to Use a Swimming Pool Cover

Adding a swimming pool cover is a smart decision that can save you money. Pool covers for inground pools can help prevent drownings, keep your pool cleaner, and lower your cost of pool ownership in a variety of ways. Learn the top tips for keeping your pool a safer, healthier, and more cost-effective environment from the pros at Lifeguard on Duty.

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swimming pool drain view from above pool

Tips to Ensure Your Pool Drain is Safe

Unprotected pool drains can be dangerous for swimmers, both young and old. While pool drain safety may start with anti-entrapment pool drain covers, it doesn’t end there. Learn the top pool safety tips and get a free safety barrier estimate from your neighborhood pool pros at Lifeguard on Duty.

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swimmer killing a mosquito that's landed on their arm

How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Pool

You can keep bugs out of your pool by tackling the existing problem head-on, breaking their generational lifecycle, and preventing reinfestations. Learn how to control swimming pool bug problems. Get a free estimate on an inground pool cover and take charge of your pool’s protection with Lifeguard on Duty.

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Wooden outdoor poolside patio furniture

Top Swimming Pool Accessories Every Backyard Needs

Learn about the swimming pool accessories you need to upgrade your pool area. From relaxing with guests to the best pool toys for kids, you’ll learn what to look for to complete your backyard oasis. Protect your pool area with the safety experts at Lifeguard on Duty.

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Toddler on a trike next to a mesh pool fence

Tips to Child-Proof Your Home & Backyard

We’ll help you understand how to child-proof your home inside and out to protect your loved ones. Our commitment to safety goes beyond child pool fences to wanting to see all our community neighbors protecting the next generation from avoidable accidents and injuries. Learn the top tips from Lifeguard on Duty today.

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Poolside furniture table and chairs with an umbrella

Functional Poolside Furniture for Your Backyard

Poolside furniture helps you have a more comfortable pool area that looks good and supports your pool use. Whether you’re considering a new pool furniture set or just adding a piece to your existing setup, learn what to look for from the safety pros at Lifeguard on duty.

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Large pink flamingo pool float in a pool

The Best Pool Floats to Take This Summer to the Next Level

The best pool floats help you do more in your pool this summer. Whether you need pool floats for adults who want to relax or fun pool floats for kids who want to play all day, there’s a modern pool float designed for you. Learn more about safe swimming pool fun with Lifeguard on Duty.

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Kids in a swimming pool with floats

Tips for Hosting the Best Summer Pool Party

When you plan your summer pool party for fun and safety, you’re creating an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons. From planning pool parties for de-stressing adults to pool parties for kids that want to scream and splash, learn the tips and tricks from the safety pros at Lifeguard on Duty.

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