Labor Day Pool Party Planning Checklist

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A pool party planning checklist can help keep your pool safe and fun over the long holiday weekend. Celebrated annually on the first Monday in September, Labor Day offers the perfect pool party timing. Temperatures are still high enough to make swimming comfortable, but they’ve eased toward Falls respite from the summer heat waves. It also helps that it’s spaced just right to catch people when they’ve been back at work or school from their summer vacations just long enough to need a release that blows off some steam. From pool party favors to the top supplies, we’re going to run you through the steps that will lead you to Labor Day pool party success.

Working For The Workers

For many Americans, Labor Day is just an extra day off, but it’s important to understand its origins. Meant to honor and celebrate everyday laborers–the symbol of American industriousness–the first Labor Day was held in 1882 in New York City, but didn’t become a national holiday until it was signed into law by Grover Cleveland in 1894. It is a holiday inextricably tied to the labor movement that sought to promote workers’ rights from the late 1800s up until today. Traditionally, the extended weekend is used for rest, get-togethers with family, parades, and, more recently, sales and retail events. Your pool party planning checklist can pull from both this historical context and the opportunities presented by modern corporate America’s recognition of the holiday to create a truly special time for your friends and family.

Planning The Perfect Pool Party

You need more than union-made pool party supplies and snacks to pull off the top Labor Day event. From putting together a guest list to coordinating the help you’ll need for a successful event, you need to know what you want your pool party to be and how you’re going to make it happen. Enjoying a long, relaxing weekend capped by a pool party takes planning that can start weeks in advance, so let’s get into putting together your pool party planning checklist.

Setting A Theme

A pool party doesn’t need a theme to be successful, but it can add some extra flair to your event. If you do want a themed party, this is a good place to start your planning, as it can inform other decisions, such as activities, food, and beverage choices. Consider what is most appropriate for your guests, setting, and the timing of the event when choosing pool party favors or planning activities. It’s important to note that the theme for your Labor Day pool party doesn’t necessarily have to relate to labor day (there’s not a lot of call for a “labor leaders of the 19th century pool party”). Kids are always ready for a party based on their favorite cartoon, and adults can enjoy a pool party themed around mermaids, sports, or American-made beers. 

Safety First

Black mesh removable pool fencing

Before you consider hosting a pool party, you should make sure you have a safe pool area for your guests. Check over your first aid kit and rescue devices to make sure they’re in good repair. If you’re going to take down your removable mesh pool fence for the party, don’t do so until the morning of the festivities. Your pool net or safety cover net should stay in place until right before the pool opens, and as soon as the last swimmer is out of the pool, you should resecure the area. This is the best way to prevent unsupervised access and ensure a child doesn’t sneak back into the pool for one last dip when their parents aren’t looking.

Fun Food and Delicious Drinks

Let’s be real. Some people come to parties with no intention of getting a drop of water on them. They’re there to grub. Refreshments are an important part of any pool party planning checklist. Your guests will need to keep their energy up and stay hydrated while also avoiding the heavy, bloated feeling that comes with overeating or consuming oily, greasy, and rich foods. Our partners at All-Safe Pool have come up with the perfect in-depth guide to feeding pool party guests, but the bottom line is to keep it fresh, keep it light, and make sure there’s plenty of water to offset sodas, beer, and other carbonated drinks.

Mastering The Mixtape

Ok, you don’t need to drag out the cassette collection, but put together a playlist that fits your party. Whether you want it to be energetic, relaxing, frivolous, or competitive, there are jams that will help enhance your Labor Day pool party. Streaming music services are plentiful, allowing you to set up customized stations, create playlists that give you complete control, or bring your favorite radio DJ-directed programming with you wherever you go. Make sure to choose sound equipment that is water resistant and eliminates the risk of a shock hazard. Remember, electricity and water don’t mix.

Amicable Ambiance

You want to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your guests. That means they need a place not just to swim, but to relax, talk, enjoy refreshments, and dry off. Make sure you’ve invested in functional pool furniture that offers plenty of seating, table space, and comfortable lounging. It should be far enough back from the water to allow space for movement around the pool but close enough that adults can react quickly to a child in need. When choosing your pool party supplies and decorations for the event, make sure they’re pool-appropriate and don’t introduce cutting, tripping, or tangling hazards to your event.

Fun And Games

Large gathering of people in a swimming pool

You don’t have to have a detailed itinerary for your party, but a rough timeline can help you plan for food preparation time, let people know the starting and ending times, and keep the party moving along. Consider what games can be played with the equipment you already have on hand and whether you need to look at buying or renting any additional pool floats, toys, or accessories. An inflatable bar, for example, is great for adults while children might love a floating boat equipped with water guns.

Coordinate WIth Others

A Labor Day pool party can be a lot of work, so make organizing the help you need part of your pool party planning checklist. Talk to guests about items you may need them to bring, like ice or pool toys. Assign a responsible adult swimmer as a water watcher to ensure there’s always someone watching for signs of a distressed swimmer. Finally, don’t be shy about asking for help keeping the area picked up during the event or for an extra set of hands to help reinstall the pool fence, safety net, or cover afterward. Many hands make light work, even on Labor Day.

Make Sure Your Pool Is Ready For Safe Fun

Thousands of lives are lost every year to accidental drowning, with many more victims needing medical care as the result of injuries in and around the pool. Pool safety barriers are a great way to deter unsupervised swimming by children and adults who may not have the physical or mental capacity to save themselves after an accidental fall into the pool with no one else around. Your neighborhood installation pro is your go-to source for a tailored pool safety quote that helps you understand how removable mesh pool fencing, safety nets, and pool covers can help you create a safer environment. Schedule your free quote from Lifeguard on Duty today.

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