Pool Safety Prep: What to Expect from Your Pool Fence Installation

installed safety pool fence around a backyard swimming pool

Every pool owner recognizes the moment they need to up their pool safety game. It might be the first time you spotted your toddler reaching out for a floaty that was JUST too far away. Maybe it was the time your puppy slipped and tumbled head over tail into the water — or the morning you woke up to find a family of bears playing Marco Polo! 

Whatever your “wake-up call” may be, it always leads to the same thing: a pool fence or pool cover installation. 

But what should you expect from the team installing your pool safety equipment? How long does the process take? How do you prepare your pool for the big day? 

At Lifeguard on Duty, we want you to have the best installation experience possible — and that’s why we’re here to tell you exactly what lies in store for your next pool fence or cover installation.

Your Initial Call

Once you decide that you need a pool safety fence, cover, or net, contact Lifeguard on Duty right away. Our team is always ready to help a new family feel safer, which is why we’re quick to get in touch with you!

Our team will often respond to your initial inquiry within the hour (at most, within one business day). After our initial introduction, our local installer will contact you to set up a time for a free in-house estimate. If an installer isn’t available, don’t worry; we can also give you an estimate using Google Earth, or you can use our handy cost calculator for a rough figure!

Before We Arrive

Your free quote is just the first step to getting a high-quality pool fence, net, or cover. Our installer will send you an estimate for approval after that initial visit, and once you approve it we can get you on our schedule. 

If the installer’s schedule allows, We can schedule your installation as quickly as the next day, but the average lead time is 7-10 days from the time you receive the estimate.

pool safety professional with equipment on installation day

Installation Day

Before you know it, installation day will be upon you! On that day, you can expect our installer — the same one who did your estimate — to arrive on time and ready to work. We’d like your pool to be clear of any toys, chairs or other equipment, and then we’ll be ready to install your safety equipment.

If you’re getting a pool fence, your installer will begin by reviewing the layout with you and confirming that you approve of our work plan. Then, the installer will drill holes at designated spots in the pool deck; these holes will anchor your pool fence in place. The installer will add plastic sleeves into each hole for a tighter fit, then install the fence to meet specifications.

If you’re getting a pool cover or net, the installation starts quite similarly. We’ll confirm the plan with you, then begin to drill anchors into the pool deck. The anchor type depends on your unique needs, as we have brass keyhole options, brass threaded options, composite options, and more. But whatever kind of anchor you use, will make sure they’re secure and use them to install your cover or net.

At this point, your pool safety fence, cover, or net is officially installed — but that’s not the end of our work. We know that pool safety equipment only works when you know how to use it, which is why we’ll spend time making sure you know how to properly remove, replace, and care for your fence, net, or cover.

On average, the entire process — from first call to final install — takes around 3 hours. And when we’re done, you can expect to have a durable, secure pool safety solution that’s going to keep your family safe for years to come.

The Lifeguard on Duty Promise

Ordering a pool fence, cover, or net from Lifeguard of Duty guarantees that you’ll get the very best safety equipment on the market today. All our equipment is specially designed to meet (or exceed) ASTM safety standards, so you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are safe anytime they’re near your pool.

And that’s not all: when you hire Lifeguard on Duty for you pool fence installation, you can expect:

Prompt, professional work

We know that pool safety can’t afford to wait. That’s why our installers strive to deliver professional, top-notch work at the quickest timeline possible. When you work with us, your loved ones will be safe and secure as soon as possible.

Installers with experience

Lifeguard on Duty has been installing pool equipment for two decades — and in that time, we’ve really mastered the art of pool safety. Whether you’re brand new to pool ownership or you’ve had your pool for a while, you can count on us to answer your questions and give you the advice you need to make your pool safety decisions.

100% customer satisfaction

What happens if you’re unhappy with our work? At Lifeguard on Duty, we never let our customers settle for less than the best. We’ll do everything we can to make it right and give you the safety tools you need, because we know nothing is more important than keeping your loved ones safe.

If you want to get started, contact Lifeguard on Duty today. We’re ready to install the pool safety equipment that’s right for your family right away! 

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