Pool Safety Products To Consider For Your Backyard

backyard swimming pool with a pool net and pool fence installed

Pool safety products can help your backyard oasis stay a safe, fun place to entertain, relax, or exercise. Swimming pools can be fun for the whole family, with a range of activities that lets each user create the perfect pool experience for their interests. Unfortunately, pools can also be dangerous, with around ten people a day losing their lives to accidental drowning and many more needing medical intervention for both drowning and non-drowning-related injuries. With the right safety equipment and pool safety alarms, however, you can help keep your pool from becoming a part of these troubling statistics.

Every Pool Owner’s Responsibility

If you own a pool, you need to make pool safety a priority. That can include getting trained in water safety and teaching children and other pool-goers good habits, but it also needs to include an investment in the pool safety products that protect lives, prevent injuries, and keeps your pool in compliance with local laws, insurance requirements, and HOA bylaws. Every pool is unique, with different layouts, surroundings, and user requirements. With a wide range of products on the market, from pool safety alarms that passively protect your pool to active devices that let you spring into action when an emergency arises, there is a pool safety product combination that’s right for everyone.

The Top Safety Products For Your Backyard Pool

While there are far too many products on the market to mention everyone in detail, we do want to cover some of the most useful, time-tested, and versatile options available to help you prevent child drowning, make your pool parties safer and create the safest swimming experience for your friends, family, and pets.

  • Entrance and Gate Alarms – Pool safety alarms can literally be a lifesaver, audibly alerting you when someone enters the pool area without your knowledge. Every gate to your swimming pool should have an alarm attached and tested regularly, as well as any doors leading directly to the pool area from your home. 
black removable mesh pool fence installed
black removable mesh pool fence installed
  • Pool Fences – A removable mesh pool fence is one of the most important pool safety products you can purchase for your pool area. This sturdy, low-maintenance pool fence is anchored into the ground using strong poles with rip-resistant mesh material stretched between them. Designed to prevent climbing, with narrow gaps and no foot or handholds on the material, it’s secured with a self-closing, self-latching gate that easily accepts a pool safety alarm for added security. It can be taken down for entertaining, reinstalled in moments for protection, and can easily be seen through to preserve your enjoyment of the backyard pool setting.
  • Pool Nets or Safety Covers – The majority of accidental drownings share a lack of barriers as a contributing factor, which earns safety barriers a second spot on our list. Pool safety nets and covers are anchored to your deck and designed to prevent unsupervised access to the water’s surface by holding potential drowning victims up and out of the swimming pool. While they’re effective on their own, when installed in support of a quality pool fence, these pool safety products create a second layer of drowning prevention for better peace of mind.
  • Underwater Motion Alarms – Unlike entry-installed pool safety alarms, these devices detect motions caused by swimming, splashing, or flailing that occur under the pool’s surface. They’re designed to alert you to pool use that has bypassed your pool fence, whether it’s a child, adult, athletic pet, or wildlife.
  • Long Poles – Long poles can be invaluable in helping struggling swimmers to the edge, but too many pool owners think a long net handle or other make-shift solution will suffice. Invest in a long rescue pole with a hook. They’re built stronger and give you more options to help a swimmer who may be confused, panicking, or both.
red and white pool flotation safety device floating in a pool
red and white pool flotation safety device floating in a pool
  • Flotation Devices – No, pool noodles and inflatables don’t count here. Rescue flotation devices are easier to grab and hold onto, designed to be more easily thrown or carried to a swimmer in distress, and are cost-effective pool safety products that every pool owner should have at least one of. The simple life-saving utility of a tool that reliably floats has proven its utility for about as long as people have been enjoying the water for recreation.
  • First Aid Kits – You’ve made sure you’re trained to save lives and manage injuries, so make sure you have the tools on hand to do so. A well-stocked first-aid kit, including supplies to manage minor cuts and scrapes as well as life-saving CPR efforts, should be in or near the pool area, clearly marked, and ready for action. Remember to check its contents regularly for expired items or anything that needs replenishment due to use.
  • Personal Immersion Detectors – This type of pool safety alarm comes in the form of a watch-like wristband worn by your child. If it gets wet, it notifies you via a signal to a base unit which emits an audible alarm or to an app on your device. Depending on the model you choose, these pool safety products can be portable enough to take with you to a pool party at someone else’s pool or even to the beach.
  • Pool Entry Ramps – If you have pets or a lot of area wildlife, these devices can be vital to saving the lives of our four-legged furry friends and family. Pets may have trouble locating stairs, navigating ladders, or simply climbing out at the pool’s edge. A ramp gives them an easy way to exit the pool if they inadvertently fall in.

Perseverance Trumps Products

While pool safety products are great tools to build a safer pool, the number one tool is your own planning, preparation, and dedication when it comes to pool safety. You need to build a safer pool, get the equipment that helps you prevent drownings, and make a commitment to learn and use the equipment properly. We’re ready to help.
Our pool safety products are designed to be user-friendly, and your local Lifeguard on Duty installer is passionate about protecting the community they live and work in. When you request a free quote, we’ll tailor a written estimate for removable mesh pool fencing, safety nets, and pool safety covers to your needs, taking into account the pool layout, your pool activities, and your budget. In many cases, peace of mind is far more affordable than our customers would have imagined.

Once your pool fence, net, or cover are installed, we stand behind you with service that’s local and “right down the street” if any adjustments or repairs are ever needed. We’ll gladly take the time to make sure you understand your safety equipment, how to use it to prevent drownings, and how to care for it to ensure a long, trouble-free life. Give your friends, family, and pets the safer pool they deserve. Schedule a free estimate from your Lifeguard on Duty installer today.

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